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Asset valuation Traffic data Foot traffic Footfall Retail Business performance Market expansion Retailers Franchisee Commercial real estate
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Valuate real estate asset  through traffic data
Asset valuation Traffic data Foot traffic
Best Practices

5 ideas to increase your real estate asset valuation with traffic data

The value of an asset is measured through its income, but also through its economical and physical environment. You will find in this article 5 possible uses of foot and road traffic data to enhance your asset’s value.
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People walking in front of a retail store in the street
Footfall Retail Business performance
Best Practices

How to use footfall to improve commercial performance?

Every retail and commercial real estate actor must consider footfall data. What is footfall data ? How to measure it ? And most importantly, why to analyse it ? We answer these questions in this article.
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Commercial downtown perfect for commercial expansion
Market expansion Retailers Franchisee
Best Practices

How to build a strong market expansion strategy with location intelligence?

Building a strong strategy is critical when it comes to market expansion in order to minimize risks. In this article, we’ll explore tips to build a successful strategy in order to set yourself up for success.   
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Commercial real estate
Best practices

Location intelligence: A tool to drive your commercial real estate investments

Business owners and investors are now using geolocation data to have a more thorough understanding of retail shopping. To improve the quality of your investments, you need to make data-driven decisions, especially in an increasingly competitive market. 
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