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Discover how Mytraffic helped Retail, Commercial Real Estate and Cities in their strategies.

Real Estate

In order to optimize their marketing campaigns and attract retailers to their brand centers, the Marketing, Retail and Sales teams of Advantail (a French property management group) needed granular and precise information on visitor attendance and origin.

Discover the testimonial of Vincent Moreau, Marketing and Innovation Director of Advantail

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Since 2010 Acuitis, a leader in optical and hearing services, has grown steadily to 106 sites. Mytraffic data has been key in their acquisition drive: validation of new sites, market activation including case studies, assessing cannibalisation rates and putting together supporting documents for bank loans.

Discover the testimonial of Marcel Cézar and Kévin Lachant, franchise managers at Acuitis

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Food & Beverage

Since 2018, the Thaï street food chain Pitaya has been experiencing record success. Mytraffic data, that has become central in their validation process of new locations, has allowed Pitaya to reach 100% success on the last 100 openings, including 50 in 2020 in Covid period.

Discover the testimonial of Stéphane Clément, Development Director of Pitaya

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Public Sector

Since 2016, the city of Thionville, France, has been on a dynamic journey to completely restructure its downtown. Today, its vacancy rate has been reduced by 26% to go under the 16% mark.

Discover the testimonial of Anne-Karine Ivanov, City Center Manager of Thionville

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Being in the right place at the right time has always been the promise of 20 Minutes. The Mytraffic solution allows to measure precisely the attendance and the attractiveness of the different distribution points of 20 Minutes, everywhere in France, while bringing new certified data to the advertising market.

Discover the testimonial of Frédéric Lecarme, Deputy General Manager of 20 Minutes

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Market research

IRI, a world-renowned geomarketing research institute, uses Mytraffic data to improve the accuracy of their predictive analysis exercises. They increased the reliability of their sales forecast models in city centre stores by +15%.

Discover the testimonial of Jean-Baptiste Loigerot, Models and Geomarketing manager of IRI

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