Mytraffic raised 10M€ with Alven 🎉

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Mytraffic for


Find the best location for your new venture. Better assess your potential revenues. Reduce your financial risk

Find the best location for your venture

Get specific, detailed and reliable traffic insights on the attractiveness of a location.

Evaluate and compare traffic flows to pick the right spot for your activity.

Explore foot and road traffic on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily basis to refine your choice.

Assess your potential revenues and reduce your financial risk

Use traffic data to estimate your revenue stream and build a stronger business plan. Know how much traffic passes by your location, apply your conversion rates and average purchase basket to evaluate your potential revenues.

Customer spotlight

How Pitaya franchise owners validate their project with confidence

Caroline Milot recommends Mytraffic to all franchise owners that wish to open a point of sale. Mytraffic scientific approach and traffic analysis give a more precise revenue forecast