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Implement a data-driven property strategy

Develop powerful strategies based on meaningful, objective and actionable data.

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Validateyour forthcoming investments
Monitor your network's performance
Reduce your vacancy rate
Attract new visitors
“We can adopt a dynamic asset management and leasing strategy to generate higher profits.”
Stanislas Rohmer COO at Nhood Italy

Validate your forthcoming investments

Analyse whether a property is the most profitable in its environment. Measure footfall at key times and analyse historic trends. Compare assets to understand similarities and differences.

We use footfall data to prioritise our investments
Laurent Strauss Director of Development at the Strauss Group

Monitor your network's performance

Track footfall to identify good and bad performance. Monitor your catchment area and the attractiveness of your competitors for your visitors.

We now have access to simple and usable data, which allows us to quickly detect anomalies.
José Pereire — Shopping centre manager at Klépierre

Reduce your vacancy rate

Establish convincing arguments for your future tenants and partners. Promote your assets' strengths and compare them with those of your competitors. Prove to future tenants that visitor profiles match their target clientele.

The data is actionable for negotiating lease values and attracting new tenants to our assets.
Valérie Pares- Head of Retail & Real Estate Asset Management at Primonial REIM

Attract new visitors

Understand your catchment area to determine where your target customers live or work. Brief your media partners and assess the impact of your campaigns in order to gain market share.

We are increasing our penetration rate in strategic areas.
Vincent Moreau — Marketing and Innovation Director at Advantail

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