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Campaign Manager: Maximise your Marketing Budget

To fine-tune your marketing efforts and to be able to effectively report on the impact of your campaigns, you need the right tool. Thanks to Mytraffic's Campaign Manager you can easily get the best out of it:

  • Simple and clear graphs to track the impact of your campaigns
  • A calendar of events to follow the precise day-to-day results of each of your events
  • The possibility to easily compare your campaigns with those of other shopping centres

Perform a personalised analysis and discover the potential of each shopping centre of your interest.

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So what will you get in this report?

  1. Your Market Share Compared to other centres nearby
  2. Your Catchment Area How did your marketing campaign influence the areas nearby your centre?
  3. Your Footfall What was the footfall today vs. last month, and in comparison to your competitor?
  4. Your Additional Footfall Additional visitors that you have attracted
  5. Your Acquisition Cost The budget you have spent for each new visit
  6. Your Conversion Rate How many visitors has your centre attracted?
  7. Dwell Time How long did visitors stay in your centre?
  8. The Weather Influence Did the weather influence the performance of your campaigns?
Thanks to Mytraffic's accurate and comprehensive data, we were able to increase the number of visitors by 16%.
Véronique Ottelard - Marketing and Communication Director @Apsys

For better performance, better monitoring is needed.

We responded to the feedback and needs of more than 30 clients who required a dedicated tool to measure the impact of their marketing campaigns: Campaign Manager was born!

With all the data provided by our proprietary technology and a big data visualisation that is designed to make your life easier and your decisions more clear, you get the same level of data and tracking of the ROI that you get in the digital world.

Generally, the brick and mortar world does not currently provide a digital-level experience: where do my visitors come from? What are their socio-demographic characteristics? How often does a web visitor become a brick and mortar visitor? What is my penetration rate?

Campaign Manager allows you to close this "physical-digital" gap and get to know your client along the entire customer journey.

Optimising your marketing budget means increasing your market share

Finally, better metrics, monitoring and optimising your marketing efforts will translate into better use of your budget.

You will get better results for less money (every marketer's dream). This means more visitors and therefore more revenue and market share. You'll be able to demonstrate the value and impact of your marketing efforts thanks to accurate, comparable and consistent data, all available in one place and organised by campaign.

"We use Mytraffic to increase traffic to our centres and improve the performance of our marketing campaigns. Since we started using Mytraffic, we have been able to increase our penetration rate in key strategic areas".
Vincent Moreau Marketing and Innovation Director @Advantail

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