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🚨EXCLUSIVE RELEASE🚨 Vehicle Traffic Insights 🚗💨

It's official, vehicle traffic insights are now available for any location in the UK!

Take your location analysis up a gear with the integration of vehicle traffic insights:

  • Understand customer journeys like never before
  • Compare traffic flow across multiple locations, including your competitors
  • Optimise your site selection process by analysing traffic flow around locations ahead of site visits
  • Analyse individual units, petrol stations and retail parks across the UK

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How it works

  1. Data Collection We collect a sample of raw, connected car data from the best providers across the UK. The data is processed ensuring the highest level of data hygiene.
  2. Insight Creation The data is transformed into valuable insights by our technology. The insights represent all vehicles in the UK, not just connected cars, so that you can expand with confidence.
  3. Platform Ready In a few clicks you can uncover location based, vehicle traffic insights. Just as easy as a google search.
"We are proud to become the first solution to offer vehicle flow in any location in the UK. I would like to thank our customers and the beta testers who helped us develop this product."
Hakim Saadaoui CEO @Mytraffic

What is Connected Car?

A connected car is a vehicle whose navigation system generates geolocation data during its journey. There are over 15 million of them on UK roads today!

Generally these vehicles are quite young, with very few connected cars being older than 10 years. For example, any new Ford put on the road from 2012 onwards is equipped with an integrated navigation system, and therefore falls into the connected car category.

Representative Samples

Connected vehicles represent the majority of UK cars on the road today. The representative sample of the connected vehicle data depends on the share of recent vehicles in the region and it is via this indicator that we adjust the data as needed.

We chose Mytraffic because of the innovative platform with complete and up-to-date insights
Cédric Van Meerbeeck Head of Research & Marketing @Cushman and Wakefield

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