Summer 2021 vs. summer 2020: what were the traffic trends on high streets?

Discover our interactive ranking of the UK high streets and cities that attracted the most visitors during the summer time in 2021.

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Mytraffic has analyzed the summer traffic of the 20 biggest UK high streets in 2021 to give you the average weekly number of visitors on these streets.

Periods analyzed :

* Summer 2020: from 01/06/20 to 30/08/20

** Summer 2021: from 31/05/21 to 29/08/21

Located in Bath, Brighton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester and York, these 20 streets have been selected for their attractiveness and commercial influence.

King Street in Manchester, Oxford Street in London, Princes Street in Edinburgh, Buchanan Street in Glasgow... which streets have seen the best recovery since the health crisis? Which streets should you invest in and which promise a better rate of frequentation?

Discover the results of our study with our interactive table!

The vision of Hakim Saadaoui - CEO of Mytraffic

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