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It all started with a cookie store…

After meeting the CEO of La Fabrique - Cookies, Hakim and Gautier, Mytraffic founders, knew there was a real pain in the retail game: how can we help retail and real estate actors take the right decisions for their physical networks when traffic insights are missing?

Since then, Hakim and Gautier have been on a mission: making traffic data accessible, reliable, and actionable to boost the performance of any network or store. After long hours of work and numerous technological trials, Mytraffic was born. It’s been a hell of a ride and we are now proud to have 200+ international clients and a team of 35 great talents.

2017 January

1st Client in France

2017 December

30+ Clients

2018 January

15+ Employees 

2018 December

150+ Clients

2019 March

35+ Employees

2019 June

200+ Clients

2019 September

Launch in Italy & Belgium


Empower Retail

  • We believe that traffic data is key to unlock the full potential of retailers, cities and real estate players 

We believe in a world where retailers, cities and real estate players can keep up with consumers’ changing needs

We believe that tomorrow’s retail players will be driven by traffic insights to boost their performance

We believe that tomorrow‘s commercial assets will be valued according to traffic flows


Our Core Company Values

Get it done

Move fast, break the rules


Believe in data


Only merit prevails

Out of the box

See things another way


Work together

Be ambitious

Go beyond


Our dream team

As a team-first group:

We ensure that our working environment is always friendly, cooperative and open

We build and nurture our team culture with regular team buildings and social events

We never miss an occasion to celebrate a team’s achievements 

Hakim Saadaoui
CEO & co-founder
Gautier Machelon
Julien Herbeaux
Sales Development Representative
Léa Jayet
Customer Success Manager
Vincent Chéry
Head of Value Creation Team
Frédéric Deloffre
Sales Manager
Edouard Epaud
VP Strategic Accounts
Laura Tabuteau
Sales Manager
Valentin Ruppli
Data Engineer
Paul Ehrhardt
Head of Data Acquisition
Thomas Rossi
Head of New Business
Victoire Poplu
Head of Growth & Marketing
Grégoire de Laval
VP Partnership & Public Sector
Jean-Baptiste Delattre
Sales Manager
Sébastien Diemer
Anaëlle Pin
Product Manager