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Location insights 
on any physical place 
across Europe

Drive more traffic, generate additional revenues and reduce risks thanks to data-driven decisions.

Location insights|on any physical place|across Europe

300+ retail, real estate, market research, OOH organisations & local authorities trust us

The most precise data 
for your challenges

  • Invest in the right locations at the right price.
  • Promote your assets.
  • Drive additional traffic from strategic territories.
  • Benchmark your assets performance.

Traffic insights for more profitable decisions

Mytrafic platform JTBD Invest

Do you need to assess the potential of a location?

Compare the footfall in your key locations against other cities. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of a venue based on real time data.

Do you need to promote your asset or your city?

Negotiate better with brands thanks to unbiased intelligence on footfall, visitor origin and consumer profiling.

Do you need to activate strategic territories?

Attract more visitors to your assets. Build your marketing plan and easily measure the ROI thanks to a precise understanding of your dynamic footfall and visitor origins.

Do you need to track your performance?

Track your assets over time, compare your assets internally and with your competitors, make data-driven decisions.

Industries who trust us

A ready-to-use holistic view of footfall data

Our footfall data allows you to compare against anywhere in Europe thanks to a standardised methodology. All your decisions can be driven by the best data in an ever changing environment:

  • Real-life consumer behaviour.
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  • 7 Countries
  • 24h Live
  • 10m Accuracy
  • 0 Hardware required
  • 3 y Historical data
  • 1M Addresses
  • 5 000 Shopping centers
  • 10 000 Shopping areas

Our clients trusts us

Stanislas Rohmer Head of Assets Italy at Nhood
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We optimise margins and tap into new revenue streams thanks to a more dynamic asset management and leasing strategy.
Stéphane Clément (Pitaya) profile picture
Stéphane Clément Development Director at Pitaya
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100% sucess rate on our restaurant openings.
Anne-Kevin Ivanov profile picture
Anne-Karine Ivanov City Center Manager of Thionville
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Thionville's vacancy rate has been reduced by 26%.
Marcel CĂ©zar profile picture
Marcel CĂ©zar Head of Franchise at Acuitis
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80% of our new openings are outperforming our forecasted revenues.
Frédéric Lecarme profile picture
Frédéric Lecarme Deputy General Manager at 20 Minutes
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We measure precisely the attendance and the attractiveness of our different points of distribution.

The first privacy by design location analytics solution

100% GDPR compliant
Audited by European controller
Proud member of IAB Europe