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Real Estate

Find the best retail locations. Optimise your network. Benchmark competitors. Track your performance. Anticipate market trends

Increase asset valuation. Spot promising opportunities. Match the right brands with the right locations

Understand your city traffic. Attract the best ventures. Implement the right local actions. Monitor the results of your actions

Find the best location for your new venture. Better assess your potential revenues. Reduce your financial risk

Trusted by 200+ forward-thinking companies and cities

Insightful location & traffic data made accessible, simple and live

Analyse traffic on all types of retail assets : commercial address, store, shopping centre, commercial area, etc.

The most powerful technology

  • Massive (10M+ monthly mobile users), precise and dynamic GPS Data. Processed and analysed by powerful AI technologies. Enriched & verified by physical observations, ensuring maximum reliability.


Data verification with 10,000+ pedestrian and vehicle counts


Powerful analytics down to a specific address (8m precision)


100% geographical coverage in 7 countries


Weekly dynamic traffic data

For who?


Be where you should be : boost your performance and connect with your visitors and prospects

Evaluate a location's attractiveness with traffic flows and pick the right spot

Know your real catchment area and audience clusters to improve your reach

Track and compare your traffic in real-time to adapt your strategy and gain market shares

For who?


Build your city’s future: diagnose your city’s potential, strengthen your retail offer and implement the right actions

Identify and carry out smart local plans based on traffic data. Track the results of your actions with dynamic location insights

Choose the right retail experience for the right location

Easily convince retail players with key location and traffic insights

For who?

Real Estate

Secure bigger, faster and stronger earnings : gain key insights on locations to better evaluate opportunities and assets

Evaluate in-real time an asset’s worth according to traffic insights

Enrich your commercial pitches with disruptive data and win more contracts

Build strong retail partnerships by selecting the right brands for your assets

For who?


Guarantee the success of your new business: assess the potential of your future location

Know precisely the traffic flow in front of a location and assess its attractiveness

Negotiate your lease more effectively thanks to traffic data

Ensure faster and better loans with a stronger business plan

Operating in 7+ European Countries


Evaluate & validate new locations


Diagnose your city's attractiveness

Real Estate

Valorise your assets


Optimise your network


Explore & validate a location

Real Estate
Hervé Monfort
Club Med
I was immediately convinced by the quality of the insights and their instant generation. Thanks to mytraffic, I can now brief more effectively my broker and visit only the places that match my traffic requirements
Antoine Cornuel
The insights generated by mytraffic are absolute must-have to diagnose our city’s attractiveness
Océane Collet
Knight Frank
Our asset valuation would have been long & tedious without mytraffic. Getting instantaneously reliable traffic data is a real game-changer for us
Mayeul Herbinet
Their solution is great. Before we used in-house methods and intuition. Mytraffic data-driven insights answer clearly many of our questions regarding our reach and attractiveness
Nicolas Rochet
Foot traffic estimation is key for me. It allows me to carry-out a strong business plan and validate or dismiss a location

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Our experts are here to deep-dive into your development or restructuring strategies and deliver actionable solutions. Thanks to their data expertise and problem-solving skills, they will assist you with key insights and strategic recommendations.

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We highly value data privacy. We only source data issued with clear consent management platforms,​ aligned with the GDPR guidelines. We treat and deliver data in an anonymous, aggregated and minimised form. Thanks to our in-house algorithms and artificial intelligence, our data is designed to be statistical only, complying with the principles of the GDPR

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