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Implement a data-driven strategy, you won't regret it

Make faster and more profitable decisions for your stores. Understand your customers' behaviour, monitor your performance, and benchmark your competitors. To be able to anticipate market trends and guarantee your commercial success.

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Easily compare and evaluate several addresses: footfall levels and evolution over time

Find the best location

Expansion into new locations has never been easier.

It is essential to be able to have an overview of the area at a glance and to understand its potential for your new openings. Instantly analyse the footfall and get a better understanding of the intensity around your address. Compare different addresses and assess their performance month over month and on a daily basis.

Comparison of footfall in 5 countries

Monitor your network's performance

Optimise your existing network and monitor results.

Find all your stores in the same dashboard and identify who performs best. Use Mytraffic analytics to implement concrete and targeted actions. Compare stores across different countries, benchmark with your competitors, and improve your revenue and overall performance. Analyse relocation opportunities, closures, or cannibalization risks.

Comparison between footfall and dwell time.

Negotiate your rents

Be better equipped with neutral and unbiased data during negotiations.

Keep track of the footfall in front of your address and its variations over time. These metrics will help you understand not only the traffic variation but also peak times for consumption. Compare your commercial performance to the footfall of your addresses. These are key indicators for negotiating your rent.

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