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Find the best locations. Optimise your business strategies. Benchmark competitors. Track your performance. Anticipate market trends.

Find the best locations

Get specific, detailed and reliable traffic insights on the attractiveness of a location. Evaluate and compare traffic flows to pick the right spot for your activity. Explore foot and road traffic on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily basis to refine your choice.

Optimise your development, commercial and marketing strategies

Optimise your opening hours, your sales forecast and incentive plans with detailed traffic insights on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Draw visitors’ profiles by analysing their origin (workplace and residency), their purpose of visit, their socio-demographic status, and their brand affinity. Match these profiles with your target consumer to spot the right areas for your retail network and marketing strategies. Measure and monitor your consumer reach and penetration rate to evaluate your brand influence. Analyse and review in real-time the impacts of your drive-to-store marketing campaigns with dynamic traffic data.

Benchmark competitors

Gain key insights on your share of audience. Know which campaigns and strategies are making you lose or win market shares on a national to a local scale. Identify which areas are highly exposed to competition and fine-tune your commercial and marketing strategies according to their level of risk. Analyse in real-time the impacts of your local strategies on your share of audience. Adjust accordingly your actions.

Track your network performance

Get real-time traffic data on your network. Be notified of an asset’s traffic evolution over time to adjust your actions and identify potential relocations, closures, and openings. Monitor your cannibalisation rate. Evaluate which locations are at risk. Dig into their product offering and decide whether to relocate your stores or differentiate your product offering.

Anticipate market trends

Track the traffic evolution of addresses, areas and commercial centres. Know which spots are becoming traffic drivers and which ones are losing interest. Position yourself on tomorrow’s key locations.
Customer spotlight

How Club Med developed its apartment store concept

Mytraffic is eager to understand their clients' business issues and bring actionable solutions. The data provided allowed Club Med to choose the right actions and implement quickly their new development strategy

Club Med