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Assess any place's potential for your next EV Charging Station

As a Charging Point Operator, you need to be located where most cars pass by.

If you own, operate, and/or manage Electric Vehicle Charging infrastructures - nearby main roads, on the highway, next to malls & supermarkets... - mytraffic is made for you.

  • Prospect & Expand: Search, locate, assess the best site. Save time & money.
  • Compare traffic flows across multiple locations, either from your network or competitors
  • Derisk yourself: Use unbiased data to back up your investment.

Test it now for free - analyse any place in the UK (& Europe)

Players from the EV Charging industry already use mytraffic

5 Benefits:

  1. Prospect Locate and assess the best site.
  2. Derisk yourself Use unbiased data to back up your investment.
  3. Promote Prove your client with clear analytics your site is the right one.
  4. Stand out from the crowd Get ahead of your competition using a fact-driven approach
  5. Estimate your station size Size the proposal and charging point (how many, what type)
As a French pioneer in the EV charging industry, our goal is to make electric mobility accessible to all. Mytraffic helps us reduce risks by identifying the right locations in record time for our numerous Charging Points across Europe.
Ion Leahu-Aluas CEO, Driveco