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Identify and Prospect the right brands for your Shopping Centre

As a Shopping Centre Leasing Manager or Property / Asset Manager, reduce the vacancy rate is one of your most crucial challenge to boost the centre's activity. For this, you need to be able to find the right brands, and attract them to your centre.

Mytraffic has just the right thing for you: Void! This new module unleashes the power of our technology and our huge database (billions of location data points, based on mobile phone GSM signals), in order to bring you recommendations on the most relevant brands for your empty cell - based on many fitting criteria.

  • Identify: Reveal the best brands to contacts to increase your likelihood of renting.
  • Convince: Use our data analytics to make a point and show these brands, when approaching them, that they are the right fit for your empty cell based on accurate and detailed data insights.
  • Derisk yourself: Use unbiased data from a third-party provider to back up your case: "The algorithm found you!".

In one word: with Void, avoid the void!

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5 Criteria for Success:

  1. Brand Category Detect brands that are more prevalent in Shopping Centres.
  2. Socio-demo Profile Detect the brands whose target corresponds to your actual visitors.
  3. Co-tenant Mix Find brands that are already used to "co-locate" with the stores around.
  4. Footfall Level Show that your Shopping Centre has a higher footfall than other centres where the detected brands are located.
  5. Catchment Area Detect brands that will not attract people who are already "touched" by this brand in this area
With Void, we guide you by recommending the best tenants for your empty cells. For this, we use criteria which are proven to be the most efficient to ensure the success of a new opening in a Shopping Centre. These criteria are tailor-made and you can play around with them for every centre: you can adjust and assign different weights for each criteria, depending on your specifics needs. We are very happy to bring Void to you, to fine tune your selection of brands and ensure that you come equipped with the right arguments to make these detected brands your new tenants. 
Antoine Brocco Senior Product Analyst, Void @Mytraffic