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Implement a data-driven territory policy.

Make better decisions for your territory. Promote your city centre to stakeholders, measure the impact of your actions and understand your urban dynamics.

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Reduce your vacancy rate

Improve the city centre offering

Understand the city potential by strategically attracting leading brands and optimize tenant mix for long-term success. Determine the right companies to attract to your city centre by analysing the demographics of your visitors. Attract new tenants by promoting your assets and by helping them develop their business plan.

Follow your City Center Evolution

Understand the mobilities to boost your city center

Measure the impact of your actions by following efficiently and precisely the evolution of footfall within the heart of your city. Understand the traffic dynamics: get an absolute view of where your pedestrian traffic is the strongest or an evolutive outlook to compare two periods. Follow the monthly or weekly evolution to match your actions, dates and timelines.

Monitor the impact of your events

Make better decisions for your territory

Measure the success of your main events. Easily analyze your events, markets, and urbanism projects and showcase these analytics to potential tenants who want to get insights about the city dynamics.

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