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Implement a data-driven territory policy.

Make better decisions for your territory. Promote your city centre to stakeholders, measure the impact of your actions and understand your urban dynamics.

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Reduce your vacancy rate
Attract new visitors
Improve your overall attractiveness
Footfall analyses enable us to better evaluate our attractiveness and promote our territory.
Antoine Cornuel Commercial Strategy and Development Manager for the town of Arras
Oxford Street 207, London W1D 1LT

Reduce your vacancy rate

Determine the right companies to attract to your city centre by analysing the demographics of your visitors. Attract new tenants by promoting your assets and by helping them develop their business plan.

We have reduced our commercial vacancy rate by 26%.
Anne-Karine Ivanov — Thionville City Centre Manager
Oxford Street 207 vs Regen Street 256, London

Attract new visitors

Measure the impact of your events and actions by analysing changes in footfall and your catchment area for all or part of your city centre.

I’m now able to accurately track the impact of our actions in the city centre.
Lucas Météyé — Beauvais City Centre Manager

Improve overall attractiveness

Measure the performance of your city centre and compare it to out-of-town shopping areas. Understand shopping patterns and shared visits with other geographic areas.

We analyse the city's commercial dynamics and characterise the reasons for travel.
Lucie Renou Territorial economics researcher at the Nantes Region Urban Planning Agency (AURAN)

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