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Implement a data-driven property strategy.

Make faster and more profitable decisions for your stores. Understand your customers' behaviour, monitor your competitors and anticipate market trends to guarantee your commercial success.

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Optimise the marketing actions for your supermarket

Attract more visitors to your store.

Instantly analyse your footfall and get a better understanding of the intensity over time. Understand at one glance your penetration rate to (1) identify areas that are underexploited, (2) better target your marketing actions and follow the results of your campaigns, (3) cover your catchment area in an optimised way.

Socio-demographic profile

Know your customers better.

Do your actual visitors match your target audience? Compare socio-demographic profiles and understand your key success indicators.

Beat the competition

Know your worth and benckmark with top performers around.

Understand the affinity and the shared visitors between two stores, compare your performance to competitors and be the first to adapt to the market. Observe your penetration rate to identify key areas to activate and target your marketing campaign to engage consumers and follow the results.

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