Without MyTraffic
  • Reliance on manual and less accurate data collection
  • Challenges in quantifying location variables and making informed choices
  • Limited ability to accurately compare and source optimal locations
With MyTraffic
  • Better decision-making with quantified location data
  • Accurate and efficient location sourcing and comparison
  • Strategic expansion with enhanced visibility and pedestrian flow insights

David Menèndez, Head of Expansion at GOIKO, shares his experience of using the Mytraffic platform to make the best investment decisions in new locations.

Can you tell us more about the development and expansion project you have promoted at GOIKO?

GOIKO has an ambitious expansion plan, which will enable us to continue consolidating our position as Spain's leading gourmet burger company over the next few years. We're also focusing on the growth of Basics by GOIKO, which has huge potential and which you'll soon see in many other cities.

You have the perfect recipes to create the best burger. What would be the perfect ingredients for a GOIKO establishment?

The main thing is to understand that each brand has its own needs. A store for GOIKO is not the same as a store for Basics, sometimes a store can be suitable for both brands but they usually have different requirements.

Beyond that, the pedestrian flow and the visibility of the store are key for us. Those two aspects would be our meat and our bun, from there you can build a great burger.

How does this data help you in the process of choosing new locations?

The data we obtain allows us to quantify many of the variables we analyse when studying a location. It allows us to reinforce the studies carried out by the expansion department from the field and from the experience of the managers.

How do you use this data today?

The key is in the interpretation of the data. We get data from multiple locations and compare, both with our current restaurants and with other locations. Based on that we build our own model that allows us to try to be more accurate in sourcing locations.

If you could give one piece of advice to a company in your sector regarding the use of this type of technology, Location Intelligence, what would it be?

This type of technology is the present and future of expansion, complementing the knowledge and experience of the departments. We've always sought to have more data on the places we survey, I myself did people counts by hand in my early days, and using these tools will enable us to continue to grow and improve our great sector.

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As the Head of Expansion, my mission is to find the best locations for Goiko's growth and consolidation strategy in Spain.

David Menèndez

Head of Expansion

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