We are twice as responsive to landlords, retailers and investors' requests.

Cédric Van Meerbeeck

Head of Research & Marketing

Support landlors, investors and retailers in their projects by providing historical, real-time and reliable data.

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+100 years
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Commercial real estate
Without MyTraffic
  • Dependence on outdated and less precise data sources
  • Limited ability to validate emerging locations and trends
  • Increased time and effort in data collection and analysis
With MyTraffic
  • Reliable and up-to-date footfall data for retailers
  • Enhanced decision-making with precise and centralised information
  • Competitive edge and increased responsiveness to client needs

What is your role at Cushman & Wakefield?

Cédric Van Meerbeeck: I am Head of Research & Marketing. Our department collects information of all kinds : economic, demographic and real estate data. Our objective is to analyse this information to extract relevant elements for our customers: retailers, investors and landlords.

Why did you choose Mytraffic as a data provider?

C.V.M : When the health crisis happened, we started having discussions regarding the need for updated foot traffic data. Our retailers needed recent and reliable data to make decisions and understand the impact of Covid on their business.

Previously, we used another tool, but the data lacked precision, and the information was not recent enough. We then choose Mytraffic because the solution is complete and innovative with up-to-date data.

How does footfall data help respond to your customers' challenges?

C.V.M: We present retailers with the number of visitors in front of their stores, as well as historical footfall and socio-demographic data. Using this, they understand the potential of their locations before Covid and can now follow the evolution of the current footfall. They use this data to build their business model.

Simon De Vooght, Associate Retail Agency: Thanks to Mytraffic, Cushman & Wakefield can provide high-class info to all their clients. The future of our business will be more and more led by concrete information, numbers, and figures. Thanks to this tool, retailers and landlords will be able to make easier decisions based on facts.

Nicolas Diercxsens, Associate Retail Agency: Mytraffic has become one of my key tools when advising clients. Not only with their business development but also in the analysis of their existing portfolio. In the current market, more and more clients make decisions based on numbers and facts. Mytraffic is the perfect tool to comfort them.

How do you identify the most attractive streets?

C.V.M: Mytraffic helps us understand and confirm our feelings about emerging locations. Today, retailers are increasingly aware of the existence of footfall data. They are now more likely to try alternative locations because the data proves their attractiveness. In Belgium, for instance, our field of action has expanded from around 15 streets to around 40 thanks to Mytraffic.

What makes the difference with your competitors?

C.V.M : We have the advantage of being number 1 in the Retail market in Belgium. Our history of real estate information is unbeatable. We accurately assess the business opportunities and empty existing units to provide the correct rent price.

We have combined the best of our data with Mytraffic to differentiate ourselves from our competitors stronger than before. As a result, we are twice as responsive to landlords, retailers and investors' requests.

What analytics do you use the most?

C.V.M : Dynamic footfall, visitors' origin, and socio-demographic data are the most relevant to us. On the one hand, dynamic footfall allows us to understand the potential of a location. Secondly, it is essential to know where these visitors come from, their purchasing power and where they are likely to spend their money. This data is decisive for our customers. Therefore, we manage to provide them with clear and even more precise answers.

Why do you think Mytraffic is essential today?

C.V.M : The solution allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and bring in more business. We managed to secure contracts that we did not have before. What really makes the difference with other data providers is the data's timeliness and the data's centralisation in a single platform. In addition, our sales associates appreciate how accessible and user-friendly the platform is.

As Head of Research & Marketing, I extract data from the platform and join it with our data. As a result, I finally have current data, and I save time. I am saving 50% of the time that I spend on our customer studies'. Mytraffic has changed my researcher's life.

With over 10 years of experience at Cushman & Wakefield, Cédric is passionate about commercial real estate. As Head of Research & Marketing, he regularly analyses the evolution of the real estate markets. Also specialised in consulting missions, Cédric Van Meerbeeck carries out feasibility studies, urban development projects, market analyses, etc.

Cédric Van Meerbeeck

Head of Research & Marketing

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