Thanks to Mytraffic, I close projects much sooner, which means less time, less costs, less resources, and less hassle.

Laura Massa

Real Estate Manager

Optimise time, resources, and costs for the expansion in Italy and abroad with reliable and accurate data.

Product used

Directly managed
Clothes and accessories
Without MyTraffic
  • Reliance on time-consuming and resource-intensive site analysis
  • Decisions based on subjective viewpoints and limited data
  • Increased project costs and delays
With MyTraffic
  • Efficient and objective data-driven decision making
  • Significant time and cost savings in project execution
  • Enhanced confidence in location selection and strategy

In 2001 goldenpoint was founded: a successful retailer that aims at constantly improving its results, paying great attention to innovation and product quality, putting the consumer at the centre of its business.

The wide assortment of tights, socks, leggings, underwear, nightwear and beachwear is aimed at a female, male and junior public.

A reality consisting of 500 shops (330 of which are directly managed) present both in Italy and in the main foreign cities.

What is your role within Goldenpoint?

Laura Massa: I am Real Estate Manager at Goldenpoint.

Why did you call up Mytraffic?

L.M.: I had learned about Mytraffic before I joined Goldenpoint. I was thrilled to hear that Goldenpoint had it when I joined the company. Mytraffic has data that is essential to our industry, specifically footfall on current and potential locations. With a few clicks, Mytraffic allows us to have all of these precise data points: it's a huge saver on time and money for us!

How do you use Mytraffic?

L.M.: Mytraffic helps me base my decisions on objective data instead of subjective viewpoints. That gives me more confidence in the decisions I make.

Examples where Mytraffic helped you in your decisions?

L.M: What I now do with Mytraffic used to take me three days of on-site work and the involvement of other resources. Now, thanks to Mytraffic, I close projects much sooner, which means less time, less costs, less resources, and less hassle.

A final word ?

L.M: The tool is very useful, so much so that I'm promoting it to colleagues.

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Manager with 17+ years' experience in communication, digital marketing and advertising propelling brands and sales Laura Massa is now the Real Estate Manager at Goldenpoint.

Laura Massa

Real Estate Manager

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