Top 120 European High Streets

Which streets have experienced the best recovery since Covid-19? Discover the top 120 streets with the highest potential that have best sustained the Covid crisis.

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Which high streets are the most resilient?

After more than a year since the crisis began, brick and mortar retailers have been one of the hardest hit industries whilst we saw an increase in retailers going into administration.


By analysing what is happening on the busiest of high streets, often the most iconic. we can understand the state of the retail market and the likely evolution of retail property prices.


In partnership with Cushman & Wakefield, Mytraffic has published a ranking of the top European High Streets that have been the most resilient during the Covid-19 crisis.


This ranking compares the average footfall decline in 6 European high streets between March 2020 and March 2021. It distinguishes the most resilient streets and analyses the reaction of the Commercial Real Estate market: price evolution, retailer and landlord behaviour.

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Mytraffic gives you access to the complete ranking of streets with the most potential

Mytraffic reveals a complete classification of 120 shopping streets in 6 European countries: UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

For each of these streets, discover their monthly traffic, their level of recovery as well as the number of visitors with the highest purchasing power.

Monthly attendance


Purchasing power

Throughout Europe, the prime retail market is experiencing relatively the same outlook. We expect a strong return of visitors as well as an uptick in the quality of visitors which will brands to flourish.
Christian Dubois Partner at Cushman & Wakefield


To establish this ranking, we analysed 20 high streets in each of the 6 European countries (UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and Italy). To ensure maximum precision and accuracy in our data, we measured the flow on 6 points evenly distributed on both sides of each street.



  • Average Monthly Footfall in 2020: Analysis of average footfall per street

  • Recovery vs pre-covid period: comparison of average footfall in March 2021 Vs. average footfall in January and February 2020 (pre-Covid)

  • High-income visitors: % of high-income visitors in each street

  • Rank: scoring of the 3 previous criteria with the following weighting: 40% monthly traffic, 40% recovery rate and 20% purchasing power.


What is a "high street"?

The term "high street" is used to define the prime streets of cities where most of the shops and services are concentrated. They are distinguished from "main streets" by their prestige (presence of world-famous brands), their popularity and the number of tourists they attract. These high streets are generally located in big cities.







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