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Location intelligence is reshaping decision-making. Learn how to leverage analytics to attract tenants, negotiate leases, identify promising locations and bring visitors to your properties.

Ask for a custom report on any European address of your choosing (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands).

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3 main use cases

  1. Expand in new locations Take data-driven decisions by confirming the potential of new locations using quantitative and qualitative success criteria.
  2. Optimise your existing network Analyse relocation opportunities, closures or cannibalisation risks. Use data to understand the over/under performance of a location.
  3. Manage your marketing strategy Make sure you are addressing the right target clientele with your sites by qualifying the visitors who visit them.
The heatmap has become essential to promote our HighStreet Shops
Valérie Parès Head of Retail Investments & Asset Management @Primonial Reim

About Mytraffic

Mytraffic is the digital grade intelligence platform for physical places. Our SaaS platform provides accurate and dynamic information about physical locations: shopping centres, streets and city centres. We transform raw data into actionable insights and empower clients’ decisions, so they create physical experiences that matter. Our insights are accessible on a platform that is easy to access on demand.

Created in 2015, Mytraffic is growing very fast, has more than 400 customers and is already present in 7 countries: France, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain.


Thanks to more than 5 years of research and development, Mytraffic has developed a set of complex algorithms, able to handle terabytes of raw data points per year. We source data from the best providers. Data is collected, cleaned  & processed. Our software then transforms these data sets into easily accessible heatmaps, dynamic statistics and insights that respect the strictest GDPR compliance rules.

80% of our new openings outperform our forecasted revenues
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Marcel Cézar Franchise Director @Acuitis