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Get your traffic data analysis for any street of your choice

Access a free traffic data analysis for your chosen address. Within less than 48 hours, receive data on traffic evolution, socio-demographic insights, competitive benchmarking, and more.

Our expertise in leveraging traffic allows us to use data to:

  • Attract tenants
  • Negotiate leases
  • Identify high-potential locations
  • Increase traffic in your points of sale.

traffic data

Your analysis will contain:

  1. Sociodemographic Data Understand the distribution of the population in the area by age, gender, and income thanks to traffic data.
  2. Footfall Data Obtain data and analysis on traffic data by day and month.
  3. Heatmap The analysis compares the intensity of traffic around your chosen address.
The heatmap and traffic data have become essential to promote our High Street Shops
Valérie Parès Head of Retail Investments & Asset Management @Primonial Reim

400+ retailers, property investors & local authorities trust us

About Mytraffic

- Leader in Traffic data Analysis in Europe

- International Presence: France, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Spain.

- SaaS Expertise: Advanced platform for precise analysis of traffic data in shopping malls, streets, and city centers.

- Actionable Insights: Transforming raw data into strategic decisions.

Founded in 2015, with over 400 clients, see your location strategy propelled by Mytraffic.


1) Advanced Research: Over 7 years of R&D to develop highly sophisticated algorithms.

2) Data Processing: Ability to analyze terabytes of raw data annually.

3) Data Transformation: Conversion into heat maps, dynamic statistics and comparative analyses.

4) Real-Time Insights: Up-to-date and accurate information for any address in Europe.

An expertise that redefines location analysis.

80% of our new openings outperform our forecasted revenues thanks to traffic data
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Marcel Cézar Franchise Director @Acuitis