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Marjorie Somville

Head of Shopping Center Management

Attract new tenants to their shopping centres and optimise marketing campaigns.

Product used

60 sites
under management
6 years
of experience
Commercial Real Estate
Without MyTraffic
  • Higher operational costs and less strategic efficiency
  • Limited insights for retailer negotiations and tenant performance
  • Inconsistent marketing impact and less targeted campaigns
With MyTraffic
  • Optimised operational costs and strategic focus
  • Enhanced retailer attraction and tenant performance monitoring
  • Precise marketing campaign targeting and evaluation

Can you tell us about your role and your challenges at Galimmo?

Jeremy Vimard: As an Asset Manager, I am responsible for drawing up the business plans for our 7 sites in Belgium. I also take care of the financial planning of our projects. My objective is to carry out projects to create value in our shopping centres. This involves small projects such as the installation of booths or larger projects such as shopping centres or supermarket extensions.

Marjorie Somville: I have been working as Head of Shopping Center Management for Galimmo for two and a half years. Daily, I supervise and support our team of Shopping Centre Managers and a Marketing Manager. Together we are in charge of managing 7 shopping centres in Belgium. Our mission is to guarantee the excellent management of our centres and provide our customers with the best services possible.

My role is to generate a maximum of visits through an operational marketing strategy. Both optimal and adapted to the local specificities of each centre. My ambition is to support projects to change or implement new customer journeys. We are working on new relaxation and waiting areas, but also on the overall modernisation of our centres. This work is done in collaboration with the Leasing and Asset Management teams.

What factors are you using to measure the success of the actions carried out in your centres?

Marjorie Somville: Footfall and retailers turnover are the key indicators we use to assess the success of our actions. These are the figures that we use to measure the success of an event.

Jeremy Vimard: Indeed, the rental values depend mainly on these two elements. The more footfall we generate, the easier it is to promote our units to future tenants and brands. In addition, turnover influences the amount of rent paid by our current tenants.

How do you use location analytics to attract new retailers and monitor the performance of your tenants?

Jeremy Vimard: Those insights are essential to convince retailers and enhance the value of our sites. We can differentiate ourselves from the competition. When retailers have different proposals, showing key and recent figures is decisive during negotiations. Data on visits potential, the latest visitor trends or the addressable market are very relevant elements for our prospects. Providing this type of data reinforces our brand image and demonstrates our professionalism.

For existing tenants, the platform is the tool we use to evaluate their performance and track the impact of their events. For example, in our Chatelineau Shopping Centre, we have been able to track the impact of a new tenant's arrival and better understand visitor behaviour towards that retailer. We are also able to identify the best-performing entrances in order to challenge the sales teams and then set an appropriate rental price.

Can you tell us about your marketing actions and how the platform helps you optimise your campaigns?

Marjorie Somville: Shopping Center Managers are very attentive to the dynamic evolution of footfall. When we measure the impact of an event, we are able to know whether it has had a positive impact on the number of visitors. Moreover, thanks to insights on the competition, it is possible to go even further in the analysis. We now know if our event was a real success because we beat the competition, or if the number of visitors increased because the competitors did not offer an event at the same time.

For more targeted marketing actions, such as leaflets distribution or media campaigns, the platform helps us identify areas to target according to our objectives. With the penetration rates, we can identify where the customers are already loyal and where we can still gain market share. Then, when we analyse the post-campaign penetration rates, we know if our actions have been convincing.

How has Mytraffic changed your daily life at Galimmo?

Jeremy Vimard: Thanks to Mytraffic, operational costs are optimised and we can choose our battles smartly. We can activate our catchment areas and gain market share while minimising costs.

Marjorie Somville: Internally, we have created templates for monthly and half-yearly reporting. All the Shoppings Center Managers use the same tool, have the same working method and analyse in the same way.

A final word?

Marjorie Somville: Mytraffic has been adopted by all our teams and is one of the essential tools for our analyses. For each euro spent on marketing, we use Mytraffic.

Jeremy Vimard: This tool has allowed us to increase our market knowledge further and get a 360° view. We can identify our strengths and weaknesses while keeping an eye on our competitors.

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After more than two years as a Shopping Center Manager, Marjorie is Head of Shopping Center Management for Belgium and Luxembourg.

Marjorie Somville

Head of Shopping Center Management

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