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Thanks to MyTraffic, we have an accurate analysis of vehicle flow and destinations, enabling us to select the best locations for our electric charging stations.

Driveco - Louis-Nicolas Amedee-Manesme - Chief Revenue Officer


As a French pioneer in vehicle charging, Driveco's mission is to make electric mobility accessible to all by offering the simplest experience, developing the most reliable network, and providing renewable energy, to build a more ecological society. Driveco boasts a network of 8,000 charging points, either in operation or currently being installed, and the largest network of publicly accessible charging stations in France, with the best reliability in the market.


Electric Charging Stations

Data on Driveco

• Over 8,000 charging points

• €25 million in revenue in 2022

• More than 150 employees in Europe


The challenge for Driveco is to find the best opportunities in terms of location and to rely on reliable and high-quality data.

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Obtain reliable data to perform benchmarks and assess site potential based on various key indicators.


The reliable and high-quality data from Mytraffic enable the performance of benchmarks on site potentials, the habits of potential customers, and risk assessment, in order to establish in the most relevant locations.


Mytraffic has enabled us to obtain higher quality data for our models.

Louis-Nicolas Amedee-Manesme, Chief Revenue Officer, and Maxence Jonneaux, Structured Finance Manager, share their experience using the Mytraffic platform to make the best investment decisions for new locations.

They are faced with multiple challenges, including obtaining reliable and high-quality data to perform benchmarks on potential sites while considering various key indicators, analyzing vehicle traffic throughout France to identify potentially interesting sites, and finally analyzing destination flow to anticipate the needs of their potential clients.

Louis-Nicolas Amedee-Manesme, Chief Revenue Officer, and Maxence Jonneaux, Structured Finance Manager, use Mytraffic for informed investment decisions, based on high-quality data, analysis of vehicle traffic throughout France, and studying destination flows to anticipate customer needs. They emphasize the importance of data quality for their models.

Can you tell us more about Driveco and its development

Louis-Nicolas Amedee-Manesme : Driveco was established in 2010 as a research and development project within a solar energy producer. Today, we are the leading operator of charging stations in France, with more than 1000 charging stations in operation. Our motto is "the right charging station, at the right place, for the right us

How did you manage before using Mytraffic?

Maxence Jonneaux : Before Mytraffic, we used to request attendance data from site managers, but it was not always up-to-date or accurate. For data related to transient traffic, we used the datagouv database, which similarly had issues with updates and counting methodology.

What uses do you make of the Mytraffic tool?

Louis-Nicolas Amedee-Manesme : The tool allows us to estimate the potential of a site, understand the habits of our potential clients at this site, assess risks, and also to fine-tune our partnership proposals.

Maxence Jonneaux : Mytraffic's data-driven approach has enabled us to obtain higher quality input data for our models. For example, for road traffic, it has allowed us to obtain data for all road segments in France, and for destination traffic, it has enabled us to perform benchmarks between different data providers in order to ensure better quality of our input data for our models.

How have the Mytraffic data been useful to you so far?

Maxence Jonneaux : These data have contributed to the growth of Driveco by allowing us to analyze a greater diversity of sites when traffic data were difficult to access. They have also partly allowed us to de-risk the model and better determine the sites of interest for EV charging infrastructure (i.e., the sites where charging stations will be most effectively used).

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Louis-Nicolas Amedee-Manesme Chief Revenue Officer @ Driveco

Chief Revenue Officer, my goal is to ensure that Driveco focuses its opportunities for developing new charging stations at the most relevant locations, based on reliable and high-quality data.