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Mytraffic opens up to Nordics

Already available in 7 countries with more than 400 customers, Mytraffic arrives to the NORDICS (Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) for Retail and Real Estate companies. Increase the value of your assets by gaining deeper insights into your footfall and those of your competitors thanks to our location intelligence designed with an strict adherence to GDPR regulations while deriving valuable location data.

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Mytraffic is THE business intelligence reference for Retail and Real Estate - trusted by 450+ companies.

3 main use cases :

  1. Attract new visitors Understand your footfall better and evaluate the impact of your marketing campaigns.
  2. Promote your network's performance Analyse your portfolio and see which of your assets are performing best and which ones are struggling.
  3. Validate your forthcoming investments Make data-driven decisions to validate the potential of your next location.
Thanks to MyTraffic, we are able to understand the latest customer trends, in order to refine our actions and adopt a dynamic strategy.
Stanislas Rohmer Managing Director at Nhood