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Top 10 Shopping Centres in the Nordics

Mytraffic reveals a complete classification of 10 shopping centres in the Nordics: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. Find out what are the trends that the best-performing shopping centres are following to maximise attendance and be attractive in the market.

Real Estate professionals can unlock and increase the value of their assets by gaining deeper insights into their footfall and those of their competitors thanks to our location intelligence, designed with a strict adherence to GDPR regulations, while deriving valuable location data.

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Discover which shopping centres made the top 10

  1. Monthly attendance The average number of unique daily visits in September 2023.
  2. Dwell time The time spent by the average visitors in the shopping centre.
  3. Purchasing Power Total net income available after taxes and obligatory social contributions.
  4. ... and more!
To me, there is no doubt that the future of decision-making within these businesses are based on a thoroughly curated set of data such as the one provided by Mytraffic
Kristian Vinggaard, Partner @Cushman & Wakefield RED


Through market research and with the help of our database, we have identified the most important and well-known shopping centres in the Nordics: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. From those, we created our top 10 selection. Detailed footfall and other data on all the shopping centres can be found in Mytraffic’s easy-to-use tool.

The presented ranking is based on footfall data as of September 2023. This report focuses on footfall, but also presents some other types of information such as dwell time or socio-demographic variables of visitors to better assess the commercial potential in specific locations.

About Mytraffic

Mytraffic is the European leader in location analytics. We have redefined location intelligence by providing easy instant access to precise and accurate information on physical location throughout Europe in a cutting-edge SaaS platform to help companies make quicker and more accurate strategic decisions. Mytraffic supports companies across many different industries all over Europe to help them expand their businesses, analyse or predict performances of investments, understand their customers’ habits or benchmark their results with competition.

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