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Insights for your business

Your decision-making is 100% rational, as well as being based on reliable and comparable data throughout Europe. Analyse retail addresses, city centres, shopping centres or retail parks.

Easily compare and evaluate several addresses


The traffic at a location compared to its surrounding areas

Obtain a broad and accurate graphic representation of average traffic.

Comparison between Oxford Street 207 and Regent Street 256, London

Average footfall

Highlights of an asset's traffic

View the number of visitors during key shopping periods. This average is calculated over a representative year and is not affected by extraordinary events.

Comparison between Oxford Street 207 and Regent Street 256, London

Dynamic footfall

Changes over time and key moments

View historic dynamics and assess the impact of an event.

Visitors’ origin

The real catchment area for a location

Determine precisely where visitors live and work.

Socio-demographic profile

Typical visitor profile

Obtain socio-demographic profiles for a location: gender, age, purchasing power, household size.

Penetration rate

The attractiveness of a location

View the proportion of local residents who visit a point of interest.

Analysis of the share of visitors to centre A who also visited centres B, C, and D

Shared visitors

Shared visitors for several locations

Accurately measure the proportion of visitors who visit other points of interest.

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